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Demystifying GCP's Spend-based Commitment Discounts

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, optimizing cloud expenses is a priority for businesses of all sizes. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a variety of cost-saving options, including Spend-Based Commitment Discounts (CUDs), designed to provide discounted prices for customers who commit to using a minimum level of resources for a specified term. is here to help you navigate the world of Google Cloud services and make the most of these valuable cost-saving opportunities.

What Are Spend-Based Commitment Discounts?

Spend-Based Commitment Discounts, or CUDs, offer a flexible way to reduce your Google Cloud costs in exchange for a commitment to spend a minimum amount for a particular product or service. These discounts apply to eligible resources and are an ideal choice for workloads with predictable resource needs. Let's explore the types of Google Cloud services that offer Spend-Based Commitment Discounts:

  1. AlloyDB for PostgreSQL:AlloyDB for PostgreSQL CUDs are Spend-Based and apply to all AlloyDB for PostgreSQL instance vCPU and memory usage. They are applicable in any project or region associated with a single Cloud Billing account.
  2. Cloud Bigtable:Cloud Bigtable customers can receive a committed use discount on the price of Bigtable nodes in any project or region tied to a single Cloud Billing account.
  3. Cloud Run:Cloud Run CUDs apply to aggregated Cloud Run CPU, memory, and request usage in a region, offering predictable costs when running code in supported container ecosystems.
  4. Cloud Spanner:Cloud Spanner CUDs cover all Cloud Spanner compute capacity associated with a single Cloud Billing account, regardless of the region or project.
  5. Cloud SQL:Cloud SQL CUDs provide flexibility with any machine shapes for supported Cloud SQL database engines and apply to all Cloud SQL database instance vCPU and memory usage.
  6. Compute Engine:Compute Engine flexible CUDs are Spend-Based and offer discounts when you commit to a certain level of hourly spend for a one- or three-year term.
  7. Google Cloud VMware Engine:VMware Engine CUDs apply to aggregate VMware Engine node usage in a region, ensuring predictable costs for CPU and memory usage.
  8. Google Kubernetes Engine (Autopilot Mode):Google Kubernetes Engine (Autopilot Mode) CUDs apply to Autopilot Pod workload vCPU, memory, and ephemeral storage usage in the region where commitments are made.
  9. Memorystore:Memorystore CUDs are applicable to Memorystore for Redis, Redis Cluster, and Memcached usage, offering flexibility to use instance spending towards a commitment on a single Cloud Billing account.

Understanding Spend-Based vs. Resource-Based Commitments:

Spend-Based and Resource-Based Commitment Discounts have some key differences:

  • Spend-Based CUDs: Measured in dollars per hour, purchased from your Cloud Billing account, and applicable to eligible usage across projects paid for by the same Cloud Billing account. Ideal for flexible cost savings.
  • Resource-Based CUDs: Measured in terms of underlying resources (vCPU, memory, GPU, and local SSDs), purchased in the context of individual projects, and offer flexibility to use different machine instances.

How to View and Manage Your Commitments:

To view and manage your commitments effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud console.
  2. Open the Navigation menu and select "Billing."
  3. Choose the appropriate Cloud Billing account.
  4. In the "Cost optimization" section, select "Committed use discounts (CUDs)."

Pricing and Purchase Information:

You are billed a monthly fee for the commitments you purchase, calculated based on standard product pricing at the time of purchase. Changes in standard prices do not affect your commitment fee during the commitment period.

To purchase Spend-Based CUDs or Resource-Based CUDs for Compute Engine, refer to the relevant documentation provided by Google Cloud.


Google Cloud Spend-Based Commitment Discounts are a valuable tool for optimizing your cloud expenses. is committed to helping you make informed decisions about your cloud resources, and we encourage you to explore these discounts to maximize your cost savings on Google Cloud Platform. To get started, visit the Google Cloud console and begin harnessing the power of CUDs for your organization's benefit.

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