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Reyki AI and Law & Good: An AI-Driven Partnership in Cloud Cost Efficiency

At Reyki AI, we're constantly striving to offer ground-breaking solutions that enable businesses to optimize their cloud computing costs. Recently, we've had the privilege of partnering with Law & Good, a renowned South Korean company specializing in creating AI chatbots for the legal and compliance industry. Through this collaboration, we've been able to assist Law & Good in making substantial savings on their cloud compute costs, with savings expected to increase as they continue to expand their business in Korea and throughout Asia.

Law & Good's AI chatbots, designed to help clients navigate the complexities of the legal system, have been making waves in the industry. Their comprehensive legal platform has been instrumental in aiding clients in finding the right attorney, offering legal advice, and supporting them throughout legal proceedings. The effectiveness of their offering is backed by a robust cloud infrastructure, which is where our expertise came into play.

Doubling Down on Reserved Instances

Our first task was to enhance the efficiency of their AWS EC2 instances. Law & Good's extensive use of EC2 instances presented an opportunity for cost optimization. Through our AI-driven cloud computing cost optimization platform, we increased the coverage of Reserved Instances (RIs) for EC2 by 100%. This move allowed Law & Good to enjoy the cost benefits of RI rates without the long-term commitment, providing the flexibility of on-demand cloud compute instances while reaping the cost benefits.

Offloading Over-Provisioned Reserved Instances

In addition to maximizing the use of RIs, we also identified areas of over-provisioning. By selling off over-provisioned RIs for the EC2 types that were not actively being used, we were able to further reduce wasteful spending on underutilized compute resources. Our AI-enabled platform took on the role of a market-maker, effectively finding buyers for these unused RIs.

Securing Special Reserved Instances Nodes

Our partnership didn't stop at EC2 instances. We also secured special Reserved Instances nodes for non-EC2 services, including Amazon RDS. This approach ensured that Law & Good's diverse cloud services all benefited from the cost efficiency of RIs, driving further savings.

The Results

These strategic moves resulted in Law & Good slashing their compute portion of the cloud bill by up to 50%. Moreover, as they continue to expand their business, the absolute dollar amount of savings is set to increase. This significant reduction in cloud costs allows Law & Good to allocate more resources to their core business—developing top-notch AI chatbots for the legal and compliance industry.

We are proud to have contributed to Law & Good's mission and look forward to continuing our partnership. At Reyki AI, we remain committed to offering AI-driven solutions that allow businesses around the world to make the most out of their cloud computing investments.

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