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Maximizing cloud savings

Every step of the way

Understand cloud usage

Use intuitive cloud cost and savings dashboards to monitor, track, and visualize a comprehensive view of your entire cloud spending.

Leverage adaptive analytics

Leverage cutting-edge AI models that adapt to your cloud usage patterns to detect inefficiencies and implement savings solutions.

Optimize savings at scale

Drive automatic and continuous cloud cost optimization at every scale of your operations.

Savings. Dollarized amount. Lifetime savings. Sessions hours days months.

The widest range of optimizations

Automated | Intelligent | Unified

Maximize compute savings
Compute Optimization

Automatically manage volume discounts

Reduce expensive storage
Object Storage Optimization

Balance hot and cold data storage logic

Minimize idle capacity
Block Storage Optimization

Elastic modular volumes

Workload and use case rightsizing
Kubernetes Optimization

Auto-balance resource utilization requests and limits

Performant queries at fractions of the cost
Database Optimization

Enhanced query efficiency and storage utilization

The Reyki AI Promise

Trusted by enterprises and startups alike
Easy to use

Zero engineering.
Zero configurations.
Zero installations.

Highly Flexible

No lock-ins.
No minimum commitment.
No contracts.

Truly Responsible

We never markup prices.
Performance-based pricing.
Over-provision protection.

Completely Secure

Never access private data.
Never touch your code.
Never alter your cloud.

Understand every dimension of your cloud spending

The only FinOps platform you will ever need

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Streamlined FinOps

Comprehensive | Transparent | Proactive

Accurate and consistent cost allocation
Virtual Tagging

Across multiple clouds and services

Spend with discipline
Budgeting & Monitoring

Set limits, track progress, take action

Proactive risk mitigation
Anomaly Detection

Automatic course correction

Clear and easy to use
Intuitive Cost & Savings Dashboards

Analyze trends, generate reports, trace accountability

Minimize operations overhead
Optional Consolidated Billing

Streamline invoice and payment operations


Reyki AI Network

RAIN is an ecosystem of cloud providers, technology partners, and Reyki AI customers. As the network grows, Reyki AI evolves into a pivotal market maker, facilitating the exchange of diverse cloud resources. This system allows organizations with surplus cloud capacity to efficiently redistribute to those in need, optimizing cloud resource allocation across the board. Membership in RAIN not only enhances this balance but also offers significant financial advantages.
Rain Animation

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