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Join the Reyki AI referral program to expand your earning potential while advancing our mission to revolutionize cloud computing cost optimization for businesses.
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Happy Members

Some Voices of Our Members

Amanda Parelle
"As a member of the Reyki AI Referral Program, the greatest advantage is that I can simply leverage my existing professional network. Every successful referral has made organizations in my network super satisfied with Reyki AI, while fairly landing additional earnings for me."
Daniel Sumerman
"Reyki AI's value proposition is very clear. They provided me with useful material that made introducing them to businesses in my network very easy. Once the business onboards onto Reyki AI, I earn a commission. Everyone wins."
Marcus Weiner
"I do a lot of independent business and technical consulting for organizations in my network. Partnering with Reyki AI has been a game changer. My existing customers are happy with Reyki AI and I am always thrilled to be rewarded for making the meaningful connection for all parties."
Demi Wilkinson
"I started with Reyki AI thinking the referral program would just end up being supplemental income. To my surprise, the incentive program is so well structured that I eventually left my full-time job to focus on growing Reyki AI’s customer network."
Karim Wu
"The referral program has been a game changer for my own personal, professional, and economic growth. The Reyki team is easy to work with, helpful, and down to earth. They’ve enabled me to effectively educate my professional network about Reyki’s technologies and benefits."
Nathan Craig
"As an independent consultant, incorporating Reyki AI into my service offerings has transformed the way I add value to my clients. The satisfaction my network expresses towards Reyki AI's solutions enhances my relationships, and the financial rewards I receive for connecting them are immensely gratifying."
How it works

Refer more. Earn more.

Our program is segmented into three rewarding tiers – Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond, each with its unique benefits:

Ruby Tier

Start your journey.
customers referred
Reward Rate 0.5% per converted customer revenue
Reward valid up to 12 months
Annual cumulate earnings cap of $1M


Raise your game.
11 - 30
customers referred
Boosted Reward Rate 0.75% per converted customer revenue (starting 11th customer)
Reward valid up to 12 months
Annual cumulate earnings cap of $2M


The zenith of your referral journey.
customers referred
Super Reward Rate 1% per converted customer revenue (starting 31th customer)
Reward valid up to 12 months
Annual cumulate earnings cap of $3M
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